Interactive Digital Publications

Did you know that any traditional publication can be brought to life as an interactive digital publication? Provide your members with more than just information—provide them with an experience that they can have anywhere!

What is an Interactive Digital Publication?

An interactive digital publication incorporates animation, transitions, even video into your digital document. It essentially brings your content to life through responsive HTML that is a hybrid between a traditional, static document and a webpage. Interactive Digital Publications are viewable on any device—smartphone, tablet, and desktop—optimizing content on each.

“You want to grab members attention while providing them valuable, accessible information,” shared Doug MacDonald, Synergent’s Vice President of Marketing Services. “Interactive Digital Publications provide members with an experience, no matter where they are. Offering an engaging vehicle to share and convey proactive and pertinent content provides a personalized experience for each member and is key to creating memorable connections.”

OTIS FCU, headquartered in Jay, ME, partnered with Synergent’s Marketing Services team to create their annual report. Check out their Annual Report as an example of an interactive digital publication.

Benefits of Interactive Digital Publications for Credit Unions Include:


Can be sent at your convenience


Savings in time, printing, and mailing costs


Offers traceable results on opens, clicks, and readership


Provides a higher response rate with audiences who opt-in to receive email communications

Anytime, Anywhere

Annual reports and newsletters are regularly presented as interactive digital publications, but this format can be used for nearly any type of multi-page document or brochure you wish to create! We have many themes that can be selected from off the shelf, or our team can help customize your project to reinforce your branding, design, and message.

Creating the Content

Being strategic about what goes into your interactive digital publication is key to its success. Keep the following in mind to guide your content from the start:

  • Establish your objectives
  • Include strong branding and a creative title
  • Grab attention throughout with graphics and strong headlines
  • Integrate your message across channels

Integrated Messaging

Whether using interactive digital publications or otherwise, integrated marketing campaigns are strongest when your graphics and message themes are shared across a variety of customized member touchpoints, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Signage/Posters
  • Statement Inserts
  • Web Banners
  • Email Marketing

Learn More

Partner with Synergent Marketing Services for your next campaign. Contact us at to get started.

Learn More

Partner with Synergent Marketing Services for your next campaign. Contact us to get started.